Your London: Bucket List. What to see, buy, eat and best time to visit.


London is a magnificent cosmopolitan city of England and the UK. It is one of the most important global cities globally, thriving with impressive arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, and more.

London is Europe’s third-most populous city. And has one of the world’s largest financial centers in Europe. With a population of around 9 million people. London is home to many diverse groups of people and cultures, with over 300 languages spoken in the area. London has it all! From traditional pubs to the newest cocktail bars. Or whether travelers are looking for culture, shopping, palaces, or a food trip. London has a colorful and lively personality.

Best time to visit

· Spring

March to May is springtime in London. This brings extended daylight hours and warm weather, with temperatures ranging from 11° to 15°C (52° to 59°F). It’s still a good idea to have an umbrella because spring showers are prevalent.

· Summer

June to August is the summer season and is a terrific season to come because the weather is nice and warm. Temperatures average 18 degrees Celsius (64 degrees Fahrenheit) and can reach 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) — ideal for attending one of London’s summer music festivals or outdoor theaters.

· Autumn

In the second week of September to November, autumn is a great season to visit London since the weather is moderate, ranging from 11° to 15°C (52° to 59°F), and there are many annual events to enjoy.

· Winter

December to February for London is a winter wonderland with temperatures of 2 to 6°C (36 to 43°F).

Things to do

1. National History Museum

national history museum, london, uk
Photo by just-pics on Pixabay

This museum, located in Kensington, houses about 70 million various items and exhibits, ranging from dinosaur bones to a simulated earthquake. However, the Natural History Museum is a popular destination for families, so expect it to be crowded.

2. Liquid History Tours

London's Liquid History Tours

Going to a pub is a must if you want to appreciate British culture fully. After all, bars are ingrained in the culture of the country. Consider a tour with London’s Liquid History Tours if you want to learn more about pub culture than just drinking a drink. Liquid History Tours brings tourists to some of the city’s most famous pubs and alehouses while also providing background information and amusing facts about the bar and the neighborhood.

3. London Food Tours

London Food Tours

If you’re a foodie, you’d be negligent if you didn’t schedule a food tour while in London, which is unquestionably one of the world’s culinary capitals. London Food Tours is one of the most popular tour companies, promising guests a taste of local life through its neighborhood-themed tours, such as the East End Food Tour and Twilight Soho Food Tour. Yum!

Must-visit places in London

1. The Tower of London

The Tower of London

The Tower of London’s interior is usually buzzing with activity, despite its bleak and unappealing facade. The tower, which consists of several buildings, 12 of which are open to the public, offers everyone.

Don’t miss the famous crown jewels exhibition if you’re fascinated by the monarchy’s history. The Imperial State Crown, which the queen still wears at each State Opening of Parliament, and the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross are among the objects on display.

Don’t miss the White Tower, an iconic symbol of London’s past and one of the world’s most well-known castles. Inside, you’ll see antiques from Henry VIII, Charles I, and James II, as well as the 350-year-old exhibition “Line of Kings.”

2. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Pala

Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II’s London residence, is available for tours during the summers and at select times during the winter and spring.

You’ll visit the 19 State Rooms on tour, where the queen and other royal family members entertain visitors for the state, ceremonial, and formal events. These halls display some of the most remarkable artifacts from the Royal Collection, lavishly complemented with chandeliers, candles, Rembrandt and Rubens paintings, and elegant English and French furniture. Buckingham Palace is a significant historical landmark and a must-visit in London!

3. The London Eye

The London Eye

The London Eye is the massive Ferris wheel on the River Thames. This magnificent activity is designed to provide spectacular vistas rather than an exciting ride. It slowly circles, providing an unrivaled bird’s-eye view of London’s South Bank.

4. Tower Bridge


The Tower Bridge, also known as “London Bridge,” is a stunning detail with moveable roadways that lift when large ships need to pass. The views from the bridge are a nice perk. The bridge’s construction began in 1886, making it practically modern by London standards.

5. Big Ben

London big ben

Big Ben is one of London’s most well-known landmarks. Many visitors are unaware that “Big Ben” refers to the massive bell that chimes inside the Elizabeth Tower at the Houses of Parliament rather than the magnificent clock or tower. It was built more than 150 years ago and chimes every hour on the hour, with the sound echoing throughout Central London.

Things you MUST buy in London:

·       Twinings Tea

·       Tea Canes

·       Custard Creams

·       Digestives

·       Harry Potter Merchandise

·       Anything with a London Flag Print

·       Authentic English Souvenirs: Union Flag, Big Ben or The Buckingham Palace

·       Colognes & Designer Outfits

·       Marks & Spencer’s snacks and chocolates

·       Bulbs & Seeds

Food Gastronomy: MUST Eat!

1. English Breakfast

English breakfast

Nope, there is no better place than London to eat English breakfast. This typical Breakfast, known as a ‘Full Breakfast,’ is instead filled with bacon, sausages, eggs, hash browns, baked beans, tomatoes, and mushrooms all set out on a large dish. You may also receive a side of buttered toast.

2. Savory Pies

savory pies

Pies are thought to have originated in ancient Egypt and were brought to England by the Romans in the 12th century.

Here are some popular flavors: Steak & ale, steak & kidney, chicken & mushroom. And, of course, vegetarian variations are also famous savory pies to try.

3. Fish and Chips

fish and chips

Fish and chips are a must-try for any international visitor. Since the 1800s, this British favorite has been well-loved – battered snow-white fish coupled with fluffy chips, heavily dusted with salt and splashed with vinegar. Fish and chips are extremely popular, not just in London but throughout the United Kingdom.

4. Afternoon Tea & Snacks

Afternoon Tea & Snacks

According to royal chefs, Queen Elizabeth II enjoys a cup of Earl Grey or Darjeeling tea every day around 4 p.m., accompanied by a selection of cakes, scones, and jam pennies.

The public and visitors alike enjoy this traditional British experience, and many places now provide delectable sweet delicacies in a gilded tiered stand to fulfill your mid-afternoon need.

5. Craft Beer

craft beer London

The act and art of brewing have a long history in London. It was once a powerhouse of craft beer in the 18th and 19th centuries. But by the 21st century, the industry mainly had collapsed. Only 14 breweries were claimed to be left in London in 2010. However, the craft beer movement has revitalized the business, and the city now has over 120 breweries as of 2021.

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