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Do you have any fond memories of receiving your first watch? I have vivid visuals of purchasing a wristwatch as a birthday present to myself and how ecstatic I was! It was cheap, made with a stainless steel exterior and a small round dial. I have always worn a watch, otherwise, my wrist just feels empty.

Fast-forwarding to recent times, I have a collection of luxury watches from different brands that I lay out on the dressing table while choosing my attire for the day.

Ever since the coming of age technology has debuted in the marketplace, every person has a cellphone that can display the time ticking away. Naturally, the number of people wearing watches has remarkably dropped.

Whether you are a watch connoisseur or not, investing in an excellent high-quality watch will last you a lifetime. They also make for expensive heirlooms.

Benefits of Owning a Luxury Watch

Pocket watches were used initially in times of World War I so that soldiers can synchronize their attacks. Wristwatches were introduced later on to promote efficiency as it is easier to check the time on your wrist. Today, wearing a watch makes a fashion statement.

While women have a colossal selection of accessories and jewelry, men, on the other hand, have limited choices when it comes to accessories. 

Therefore, a great watch will instantly complement your look and be your signature style and a form of expression. Your inner conscience will start respecting and being in control of the time in this hectic lifestyle, unlike phones that are distractive and need to be charged. 

Similar people who have a keen eye for different kinds of luxury watches will appreciate the beautiful piece of craftsmanship which makes it a great conversation starter. 

However, there are a number of factors to consider while selecting the most ideal watch for your wrist. Some of them are listed below:

Size: How big or how small the dial of the watch is plays a crucial factor in choosing a good-looking watch. If you have smaller wrists, a larger-than-life dial will look disproportionate. Conversely, for larger wrists, a small and thin dial would look way too dainty.

Type: Analog watches look traditional and old-fashioned with an hour hand, a minute hand, and a second hand. Digital watches have large digits across the face and display the time very much as mobile phones do. 

Weight: There is no right or wrong when it comes to the size of a luxury watch. The optimal weight of your watch will vary from person to person. Find the sweet spot that works for your wrist and will keep you comfortable while wearing it.

Band Material: Watches are available in a plethora of band materials. The choice of the band will depend on the occasion and your preference and style. Changing different watch bands according to your outfit never goes out of style. 

  • Rubber – These are durable while being comfortable. Usually, rubber bands appear on sports and dive watches. 
  • Fabric – Watch bands crafted from fabric will have a wide selection of colors and prints. 
  • Leather – This is the most commonly used watch band material. It is classic and lightweight in nature. You can opt for real or fake depending on your taste. 
  • Stainless Steel – These watch bands are rust-resistant and heavier than other watch bands. It makes the band stronger and long-lasting.

Let’s head straight into a world of luxury watches available at! Each one of them encompasses a unique feature and pricing. It includes a selection for both men and women. 

Top 6 Luxury Watches 

1. Run Away Fendi Watch

Fendi timepieces are an ode to elegance and beauty. By combining supreme femininity with a playful twist, the brand has been able to create breathtaking designs that last a lifetime. This 41mm Run Away watch features a round face with a polished gold-tone stainless steel case that houses a gold-tone F insert, an off-centered navy dial and silver-tone hands and indexes. It is secured by a black leather strap with a pin buckle fastening.

Get your hands on your first Fendi luxury watch this summer!

Price: $1,190.00


2. Gucci Dive Web Motif Watch

The Gucci Dive Web Motif watch has a sleek stainless steel design blended with the quintessential red and green colors of the brand Gucci. You can exhibit the extravagance on your wrist with this timeless piece. Not only do you get a two-year warranty but also a water-resistant watch. Hence, every women can wear this luxury watch with confidence and style. This Swiss-made Gucci Dive Web Motif watch has an adjustable nylon strap and a black matte dial.

Grab your Gucci luxury watch here.

Movement: ETA Quartz

Composition: Stainless steel, nylon

Price: $1,390

Luxury watches

3. Michael Kors Camille Watch

The luxury watch by the world-renowned designer Michael Kors will be a staple piece in your everyday work life. It is elegant enough to wear while going out but subdued enough to wear at your 9 to 5 grind. This iconic women’s watch comes with scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass on a round white dial. It features a multifunctional analog design with a modern gold bracelet intertwined beautifully.

Wearing this luxury watch will give you an innate sense of glamour and chic. The Camille watch by Michael Kors is suitable for recreational swimming as it is made water-resistant. This not-so-over-the-top luxury watch has enough glitz that makes it an absolute showstopper. Buy the Michael Kors watch at Amazon!

Movement: Quartz

Composition: Gold-tone stainless steel 

Price: $301.27

Michael Kors

4. Jorg Hysek Chronograph Watch 

The timepiece by Jorg Hysek is functional yet unique. Excellent in quality and unique in identity. A Jorg Hysek timepiece is the fundamental basics of a great accessory collection. Crafted from black titanium and stainless steel, this Abyss Chronograph 44mm is powered by a self-winding movement and features three chronograph counters for a technical finish. Timekeeping creativity at its finest.  

Leather 100%, Sapphire Glass 100%, Titanium 100% Check here: Jorg Hysek luxury watch at Giftela!

Movement: Quartz

Price: $6,75.00

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5. Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch

Fossil finally stepped up their luxury watch collection and created a smartwatch giving you the best of both worlds! The Gen 5 Smartwatch by Fossil comes with a sleek and sophisticated design, which is a personal favourite. I am a huge admirer of the brand and its brand values. They offer elegant pieces at a price that won’t break your bank. This can be a perfect accent piece on your summer outfit having compelling features of a smartwatch. You can get notifications, answer calls, track distance through untethered GPS, Bluetooth calling, built-in speaker, track heart rate, monitor sleep, and much more. 

The battery extends more than 24 hours and the fast charging will be perfect for long days and nights.

This luxury smartwatch eliminates the need for a cellphone as it offers contactless payments through Google Pay. Win-win!

Movement: Touchscreen 

Composition: Gold stainless steel

Price: $179.00

Fossil watch

6. Tag Heuer Connected Watch

This luxury statement watch by Tag Heuer featuring a silver-tone design is the absolute epitome of classicism and elegance. The ultra lightweight round dial is equipped with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass and a black ceramic bezel. The adjustable bracelet comes with a deployant clasp fastening which can be comfortably worn. The brand offers a standard two-year warranty and water resistance up to 50m. The masterful luxury watch has unique chronograph technology that has the embedded benefits of a smartwatch. The choice of watch can convey a great deal about the man’s character. Make a fashion statement this summer by purchasing this luxury Tag Heuer watch here.

Movement: Battery-operated

Composition: Stainless steel, sapphire crystal

Price: $2,000

Luxury watches

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