Top 10 Amazon Prime Perks For You

Top 10 Amazon Prime Perks

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Some of you already know the many perks of Amazon Prime. People have used and trusted this giant online retailer for many years. However, not everyone knows what all to expect with a standard membership of $119 per year. Let’s dive deep into the benefits of Amazon Prime in this article. 

If you’re unsure whether to sign up for Amazon Prime or not, this is your chance to make an informed decision. Amazon Prime’s subscription service has something for everyone – book lovers, movie/TV show fans, new mothers, and so on.

Read on to realize the full potential of your Prime membership in Amazon:

1. Free same-day delivery

When Amazon first launched Prime back in 2005, free 2-day delivery was a huge thing. Fast-forwarding to recent times, Amazon has mastered the art of quick pace shipping. 

Select metro areas can order Whole Foods groceries and have them delivered in under two hours. Check your zip code and if it is one of the 5000 cities that’s covered in the same-day service, you can choose the option at checkout. Order before noon and get it delivered by 9 PM, Amazon claims (Sunday included!). The order must amount to $35 or more to be eligible. 

2. Free 2 hour delivery with Amazon Prime Now

28 select areas that are situated close to the Amazon warehouses can get free 2-hour shipping to Amazon Prime members. It consists of 25,000 goods that you can choose from — pet supplies, electronics, cosmetics, foods, and Kindles. 

3. Free Music to Stream 

Amazon Prime account can give you free access to millions of songs that you can listen to and download. Why go for Spotify and Apple Music, when you can stream all your favorite songs in one place for no extra cost. The free playlists may not cover everything but try it before you ditch it. Otherwise, upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited for $7.99 per month for a larger database of music and artists.

4. Get credits for no-rush shipping

Do you know you can receive credits for no-rush shipping? If you’re not in the mood for impulsive shopping, it may be profitable to you. 

Earn Amazon credits by opting for shipping under 5 days. Buy movies and e-books on Amazon by redeeming your credits. 

5. Binge-Watching

Amazon has its own streaming service that features a variety of TV shows and movies. And if you’re like me, who binges the entire season in one sitting, you’ll love the new selection of films. In addition to that, Amazon keeps track of your watch history and displays your recommended TV shows and movies which is convenient. 

6. Free Books and Magazines

Attention: book lovers! Amazon has an entire library of books, magazines, and audiobooks that you can read for free. Just download the Kindle app. Plus, there’s no limit! Certain podcasts and audiobooks are available to stream through Audible channels. It’s a limited version of Audible. Just get the Audible app and log in using your Prime account. 

US Amazon Prime users can download a new book for free, even before it’s released! You can choose from a collection in Amazon First Reads. Moreover, you can purchase select hardcover books at a discounted pricing. 

7. Unlimited Prime Photo Storage

Amazon Prime users can receive free unlimited photo storage that costs a flat fee of $12 for non-prime users. Prime subscription can allow up to five family members who can store their photos into one massive family photo collection. It’s accessible on every device. It’s worth mentioning that you get 5GB of video storage and file/document storage. 

I’m someone who constantly overfills my phone storage with tons of photos and videos. It’s beneficial to upload them over to Prime photos and free up some required storage. It works as a free online drive. 

8. Prime for Students 

Students with a valid school email address can easily apply for a free trial of Prime for the first six months. After that, you pay a discounted fee of $59 per year. A thing to remember — Amazon has your credit card details on file, so if you prefer not to stay subscribed to the membership once your free trial expires — cancel it. That way you will not be charged for the membership again.

9. Amazon Family for New Parents

This Prime perk will save you money on diapers! Users get a 20% discount on diaper subscriptions, not to forget free shipping and free returns. Amazon family, formerly known as Amazon Mom, will provide you with exclusive deals and a 15% discount on items for your new toddler once you complete a Baby Registry. Save on baby supplies and foods with this amazing perk. 

10. Lightning Deals Just For You

Amazon Prime members get to stand first in line to access Lightning Deals before anyone else. You get access to the super discounted goods 30 minutes before the general users. This is a great advantage as Lightning Deals sell out fast, sometimes even before it opens up to non-Prime users. And, mind you, these deals are only good for a few hours.

Amazon Prime

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More Perks, More Value with Amazon Prime

It’s time to discuss the important aspect — pricing. How much is an Amazon Prime subscription? you ask. 

The full-fledged Amazon Prime costs $119 per year that’s inclusive of every deal. It starts with a 30-day free trial, with no hard feelings if you decide to cancel it after Prime Day. You can choose monthly payments of $12.99 if you prefer paying in installments. However, this method will cost you over $36 more annually. 

As mentioned before, Prime for Students costs only $59 annually after a six-month free trial. All you need is a legit school email address. And boom! 50% discount on Prime. A monthly installment payment option is also available at $6.49/month.

People who only want unlimited access to the vast library of movies and TV shows can purchase the video-only subscription at $8.99 per month. It makes perfect sense that an annual payment will cost you less than monthly installments. Decide wisely. Head over to to learn more.

Amazon Prime. Is It Great?

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