Caramel Latte – Single Serves


Our Caramel Latte Sachets are a harmony of delicious dulce de leche and coffee. A hint of caramel combined with rich velvety milk never fails to add a sweet finishing touch to the perfect cup of coffee. Created by our expert chocolatiers for those who like their coffee with a caramel edge, these sachets are a luxurious alternative to standard powders and syrups. The best part? Our Caramel Latte Sachets create lattes like the coffee shop ones you know and love. Make our rich, smooth Caramel Latte anytime you want a rich and comforting coffee drink. No need to go out to find it. These convenient little sachets of caramel latte are the perfect way to infuse a touch of luxury into your morning coffee. The aroma of coffee lifted by the sweet notes of dulce de leche … what more could you want? Make a warm, creamy mug full with our Velvetiser and you’ll be on your way to a special morning. For the best result, we highly recommend pouring in your favourite dairy or plant milk into The Velvetiser for a silky smooth yet creamy Barista-grade beverage.

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