Gift Guide for Kids: The Ultimate List of Educational Toys Your Child Will Love

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Parents love spoiling their kids during the holiday season, or birthdays and other occasions. We assume browsing through millions of websites looking for the perfect gift to splurge on can be a challenge. Giftela is a one-stop shop that offers plenty of gift ideas. You can purchase toys for kids that are not only good for learning and development but also exciting. This online shop has something for everyone — men, women, and kids. Shopping for toys for kids is made easy at Giftela. 

Let’s face it — We are all guilty of exposing our children to digital devices like iPads, tablets, smartphones, where they stayed glued to the screens. The worst of them all are mobile games that are extremely addictive and harmful to your child if played for longer hours. The negative consequences of video games on a child are not a new topic. Your kid will have fewer social interactions which results in shy behaviour and be more prone to a sedentary lifestyle. 

It can be hard to keep your toddler busy in creative and fun activities at home when both parents have time-consuming jobs. 

Educational toys are a great tool to let your kid’s creativity shine through. A good parent will regularly spend time with their kids and play with them. Shopping for a useful toy that is engaging and educational can go a long way. 

Here’s a collection of educational toys for kids that I would recommend for your little ones that will stimulate learning, confidence, imagination, and new skills:

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  1. Lego Ocean Exploration Set, $228.99

This Lego set consists of 745 pieces and 8 mini-figures! If your child loves assembling lego pieces and is interested in ships and sharks, this is a perfect birthday gift. Moreover, it is scientifically proven that playing with lego can help develop fine motor skills in kids. It takes hours and hours to build something by stacking lego pieces and it significantly uses the muscles in their hands, which develops other skills such as writing. 

Children with ADHD love playing with lego as it can hold the kid’s attention for hours which can result in better concentration at school. This amazing toy for kids can also float on the water; more hours of fun at bath time!

2. Classic ABC wooden blocks by Uncle Goose, $36.95

This enjoyable 28 block set is a great toy for kids who are in the learning and growing stage. It features 4 alphabets, numbers, math symbols, and animals. This handcrafted educational toy is made with sustainable Midwestern basswood, and most importantly, uses non-toxic “mouth safe” ink. It is a thoughtful gift for kids aged 2+ who tend to put toys and small items in their mouths which can cause a choking hazard. Children can learn sharing and friendship, as well as self-reliance. Your child will learn stacking blocks which, in turn, stimulates imagination and get the creative juices flowing.

3. Baoli Musical Keyboard, $61.99

This is an excellent toy for kids who are passionate about music at a young age. This educational toy will give your child a taste of a real-life musical instrument; a keyboard in this case. It is a fully functional piano with 37 accordion keys, 4 different kinds of drums, percussion, and plenty of demo songs. Your child can sing and record his songs by using a real working microphone which will allow him to record and playback. Let loose your child’s inner singer. We, as parents, must opt for sensible and entertaining toys for our kids to ensure they are reaching their developmental milestones and exploring their talents. 

4. Make Your Own Kaleidoscope, 17.99

Growing up, I was absolutely in love with Kaleidoscopes and the unique and beautiful images that formed inside of them. I used to make my one using a cardboard cylinder, a few mirrors, and gemstones. Now, you can purchase a readymade do-it-yourself (DIY) kit for your children. This is a creative toy for kids who have curiosity. This kit contains glow-in-the-dark materials to create mesmerizing space design. Your mini-me can explore various shapes and colors, with a new design every time. 

5. Marker Set by Faber Castell, $17.98

Art can help your kid develop hand skills such as holding a pencil, drawing a line, coloring a picture. This is a perfect toy for a kid who is a budding artist. The set includes an illustrated metallic box and color markers. It is easy to carry during travelling. Faber Castell is the top choice when it comes to stationery. This educational gift will help your kids to express themselves and share their emotions through art. It’s crucial as a parent that you acknowledge your child’s creative abilities. 

6. Baby Activity Unit by Sebra, $53.99

This cozy baby unit comes in a gender-neutral color scheme that is suitable for girls and boys alike. This sophisticated toy for babies consists of little animals hanging from the top which is guaranteed to keep your baby entertained and content. The play unit is crafted with soft textiles and wooden toys which are sturdier than normal plastic toys.

7. 100 Words Book by LeapFrog, $19.99

Let’s take a look at another educational toy for kids which is not just any plastic toy. This tremendously attractive toy is good for kids who are learning to speak and building vocabulary. It has a plethora of settings that you can adjust and play around with, such as volume, language (available in Spanish too!). It has different subjects on each page accompanied with bright, colorful pictures. It is touch-sensitive. Your child will learn about animals, pets, vehicles, opposites, fruits, and much more. It only requires batteries to provide your kid with a full bilingual experience which will leave them enlightened. 

8. Ball Pit by Hide N Side, $64.95

The kids will love this pop-up ball pit playhouse for sure! This will guarantee hours and hours of playtime indoors or outdoors, whichever you like. It will keep your children busy and active with their playmates. It is a great toy for kids aged 1-6 and very family-oriented. It is worth mentioning that the ball pit balls are not included. The playhouse is portable and can be folded away conveniently and made with frustration-free easy locks and see-through mesh tunnels. This ball pit playpen targets the arm and leg muscles and develops gross motor skills in toddlers. This is durable, easy to assemble, and entertaining for the whole family. 

The Takeaway

Choosing an entertaining and educational toy for your child doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Steer your kids in a positive direction that will help them stimulate their interests and be creative. Giftela has way more genius gift ideas for kids of varying ages that you can select from. Click here to browse the kids’ section featuring a ton of educational toys.

Please leave a comment if you have tried any of these or want to recommend something else your kids love!

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